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Votex Hereford first made the original PT rotary topper, under licence from the original designers Votex BV in Holland, in the late 1960’s, and continued manufacturing the machines at there factory in Friar St. till 1996.

The company changed ownership and premises in 1996. The new owners invested in new CNC machines and set up an engineering side to the company. Not only did this ensure all manufacturing of precision parts were made in-house and the quality kept to the highest standards, it also allowed for sub-contract work to be done for other companies.

Votex factory Hereford
Votex Factory
Votex Factory Hereford
Votex Factory, Hereford

The close ties with Holland, meant that the range of machines increased dramatically, with numerous rotary and flail type machines now being available for the UK market.

Also a range of tractor and self powered blowers and vacuum machines were introduced, mainly for the municipal markets, to run along side the cutting equipment.

In 2003 Votex moved to a larger and more modern factory in Hereford, to facilitate increased production and improved efficiency.