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Votex is a name synonymous with the topper with the PT range being the best known topper on the market for over 40 years. These new, third generation PT machines continues Votex's high reputation of solid, reliable machines that are easy to use and simple to maintain.

Using many of the same proven components, but now incorporated into a frame design of an all steel construction that has a flat underside. This along with the over lapping, swinging tip blades, give an excellent cut finish. Heavy duty belts provide the drive to the outer rotors and protect the gearbox from shock damage if an obstacle is accidentally struck.

The standard headstock can be used on CAT I and CAT II quick hitch linkages and there is an option for hydraulic side shift and a special 'front trailed' linkage for mounting the machine on front of the tractor. Adjustable skids with a wire rope system allow the machine to follow the contours of the ground while working, with the option of wheels of full length rollers to be added if required.


  • Unique Votex designed and built spiral bevel gearbox
  • Strong Belt Drive to outer rotors
  • Adjustable taper bearings in hubs for long life
  • Low HP : Cutting width due to multi blades
  • Solid strong frame for long life
  • Adjustable skids and wire rope system for even finish

PT2000 options

  1. Wheels. Heavy duty castors are heavy assemblies specifically designed for use with all machines, all have wide pneumatic turf tyres.
  2. Front Mounting. All Votex rotaries can be specified for front mounting, however it is important to confirm PTO speed and direction when ordering.
  3. Front Trailed Linkage. This frame actually pulls the machine along instead of pushing it, which reduces the stress of the machine and allows it to follow the contours of the ground more easily.
  4. Duplo Twin Cut Blades. This is a fixed Blade with an extra "Balde" on top, this increases the chopping and spreading effect on the cuttings.
  5. Super Cut. Used in conjuction with the Duplo Twin Cut Blades the Super Cut skirts enclose the blades, this improves the lifiting effect on the grass as it is being cut. The cuttings are chopped finer then deposited a clean even finish. Note: Only to be used when grass is cut regularly i.e Racecourses / Gallops, Sports and Leisure applications etc.



Model Cutting width Min HP Weight 
PT2 1705' 7" (1-70 m)25 HP455 kg
PT3 2207' 2" (2-20 m)30 HP500 kg
PT3 2608' 6" (2-60 m)35 HP535 kg
PT3 30010' 0" (3-00 m)40 HP570 kg
PT4 34511' 4" (3-45 m)50 HP610 kg
PT5 43514' 4 " (4-35 m)55 HP685 kg
PT5 47515' 7" (4-75 m)60 HP725 kg
Front Mounting 540 ot 1000 rpm gearbox 
Front Trailed Linkage 
Hydraulic side shift (PT2 and PT3 only) 
Duplo Blades per rotor 
Heavy duty castor wheels (pair) 
Rear Roller