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The Triple



The Triple is a Wide Area Mower made up of a combination of 3 machines. Giving options from 4.5m cutting width up to 10m cutting width depending on machine combination selected. 1x Machine is front mounted therefore cutting the grass before the tractor drives over it and the 2x rear machines are on hydraulically folding arms. Mounting on Pivoting frames allows the machines to follow the contours of the ground whether on Castor Wheels or Rollers. The machines can be mounted pn the arm in variable locations, so the amount can overlap between front and rear machines can be altered depending on specific uses. Machines can incorporate "Super Cut" if a higher quality finish is required.





The Triple Specifications
Model Front Mounted Rear Mounts Cutting Width* Super Cut 
T45PT2206' 5" (1.95m) 45 HP1050
T50PT2607' 2" (2.19m) 50 HP1050
T55PT2208, 0" (2.44m) 55 HP1350
T60PT2608, 10" (2.69m) 60 HP1350
T65PT2609' 8" (2.94m) 65 HP1350
T70PT3009' 8" (2.94m) 65 HP1350
T80PT3009' 8" (2.94m) 65 HP1350
T85PT4359' 8" (2.94m) 65 HP1650
T90PT4759' 8" (2.94m) 65 HP1650
T100PT4359' 8" (2.94m) 65 HP1650
T100PT4759' 8" (2.94m) 65 HP1650
Double Linkage with Hydraulic Side Shift