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The Vandaele range of wood chippers has been manufactured in Belgium for over 20 years, and the company is regarded as one of the elite chipper manufactures in Europe.

There are 11 different standard models in the range, starting from the TV120 with a wood diameter capacity of 120mm(5") to the largest, Giant, with a wood capacity of 400mm (16"). Machines can be PTO driven, hydraulic driven or self-powered diesel engine driven, and there is a range of supplementary options, like anti-stress, hour meters, chip calibration for biofuels, to name a few. This means the machines can be tailored to suit most customer requirements.

The machines are all built for the contractor high usage market, designed and built using only highest quality materials and components. All machines in the range follow the same design pattern, twin in-feed rollers top and bottom, each with their own independent, high power hydraulic motors; safety bar completely surrounding the in-feed hopper with a fail safe mechanism; no belts or chains in drive system; a unique cutting blade system; high horse power diesel engines (on self powered machines) and special grade steels in areas of the machine, which are subject to the highly abrasive nature of wood chipping.

The cutting blade is made up of individual tungsten carbide tipped segments. These give a long and maintenance free life. As they are segments, if a foreign object enters the machine and causes damage to the blade, then only that individual segment needs to be changed. They are easy and quick to change, by means of two bolts and require no setting up. Simply bolt off, bolt on.

This system eliminates the need for regrinding and sharpening blades, setting up, and changing complete sets of blades, due to wear or damage. Exceeding CE health and safety compliance inmany aspects, these machines have been designed and built for safe, high volume usage with little down time, long term reliability and low running costs over the life time of the machine.


  • Chipper disc ø 1000 mm, equipped with 3 sets tungsten carbide knives
  • Tungsten carbide counter knife
  • Disc speed: 1000 RPM
  • 2 hydraulically driven infeed rolls with built in pump group, stop - reverse coupling and chip size regulation from 1 to 25 mm
  • High ejector chute with adjustable flap, 3 m high, 300° revolving (EN13525), on ball-bearing
  • Round wood diameter maximum: 250 mm
  • Infeed opening between the rolls: 320 mm x 250 mm
  • Noise reducing coating
  • Centralised greasing for the lower infeed roll

Driven by PTO of the tractor

  • PTO driven: 1000 RPM
  • 3-point linkage cat. II with extra heavy frame
  • Equipped with PTO-shaft with free wheel

Machine with diesel engine

  • Built in diesel engine HATZ SILENT PACK, 4L41C, 4 cyl, noise reduced, 51.4 kW, 70 HP, with automatic fluid coupling and reduction gear box, direct drive of the chipper disc trough flexible coupling (nobelts), 12 Volt battery, battery key, hour meter, electric fuel gauge indicator, dashboard in closed box
  • Anti-Stress system Classic


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