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Jumbo Frontline




This new frontline flail mower is a next generation Jumbo machine designed for front mounting on the tractor. This design not only has all the benefits of its rear mounted brother, but also offers a safety break back system if themowing head is struck against an obstacle.

It has 41.5cm of hydraulic side shift to help move the head around obstacles and can operate from+90degrees through to -60degress. Combining this, with using the renowned Votex Jumbo flail, rotor and drive system, for high volume and high speed cutting, makes this an ideal machine for cutting banks, ditches, margins and of course its specialty, roadside verges.


  • Front mounted
  • Power Band driven - no loss of power
  • +90 degree to – 50 degree head
  • Ideal for verges, banks and ditches
  • Hydraulic float system to follow ground variations
  • Safety break back system if obstacle is struck
  • “J” type flail on twisted shackle for clean finish and excellent protection
  • 420mm hydraulic side shift


Model Cutting width Min HP Weight 
120109cm (3'7")60945 kg
150145cm (4'9")701005 kg
190190cm (6' 3")60-55 HP985 kg


Jumbo FrontlineJumbo FrontlineJumbo FrontlineJumbo Combi