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Specialist professional machines which are exceptionally efficient, robust and built to a high standard. As safety is a primary concern for amenity use, the hood, roller and overall guarding provide maximum protection for public use.

All are belt driven via PTO thus producing very high power at the rotor and have overlapping "J" flails mounted on shackles - both ensured of long life. The rotor shaft design means that when the flails are worn, a self correcting dynamic balance is achieved, ensuring no vibrations during operation.

By using one single and one double spool valve, the machines operate from +90 to -50 degs, ideal for verges, banks or ditches.Ahydraulic float allows the head to follow the groundʼs contours without creating too much pressure.

The hydraulic "swing on line" system enables the head tomove laterally meaning the tractor can continue forward allowing the unit to manoeuvre around obstacles.

Also, where the work is close to steep banks, 600mm offset ensures the tractor is a safe distance from edges. A spring breakback allows the head to move on hitting an obstacle, and then return to its working position.

Also available Jumbo Flex, same as standard Jumbo but incorporates hydraulically adjustable frame, ideal for mowing raised verges.


  • Rear mounted
  • Power Band driven - no loss of power
  • +90 degree to – 50 degree head
  • Ideal for verges, banks and ditches
  • Hydraulic float system to follow ground variations
  • Safety break back system if obstacle is struck
  • “J” type flail on twisted shackle for clean finish and excellent protection
  • Hydraulic sideshift of 600mm


Model Cutting width Min HP Weight 
Jumbo 1204' (120cm)45-55 HP895 kg
Jumbo 1504' 11" (150cm)50-55 HP915 kg
Jumbo 1906' 3" (190cm)60-55 HP985 kg
Jumbo 2307' 6" (230cm)85 HP1045 kg


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