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Optima 51, M51 & M56




The "Noremat" range of machines comprises nine models, four "Optima" and five "Magistra". Their reach ranges from 5.1m to 8.3m, and they are designed for tractors from 90hp upwards.

All machines have their own fully independent hydraulic system and are axle mounted to the tractor to give a stable and secure combination. The "closed circuit" piston pump and motor gives ultimate power to the rotor for fast and effective cutting. The system incorporates an oil cooler that controls the oil temperature and reduces the amount of oil needed in the system to 80 litres.

Servo proportional lever controls are standard, with the option of electronic proportional joystick controls for precise movement and less operator fatigue. The "Visiobra" machines have a telescopic forward reaching second-stage arm to place the cutting head towards the middle of the tractor, giving excellent visibility.

A host of patented design features set these machines apart from other manufactures. The main pivot position is counter offset for greater stability. Dual pressure safety break-back protects the arm while it is in use and a reverse shock absorber system protects the machine if struck while reversing the tractor. Arm and head float are standard and can be turned on and off.

A variety of different attachments and rotors are available: grass cutting, hedge cutting, saw blades, forestry scrub busters and ditch cleaners can all be mounted easily on a semi automatic coupling to suit individual needs. These high use, high demand machines are built with the highest quality materials, using components from industry leading suppliers and designed for the uncompromising professional user.


  • PTO 540 or 1000 rpm
  • Pivoting point of first arm on right side of tractor axis
  • Arm cranked to the front (straight on 51)
  • Reverse shock absorber
  • Arm slew angle 100°
  • Dual pressure arm retraction
  • Arm float (accumulator)
  • Hydraulic: totally independant
  • Closed circuit
  • Piston pump / piston motor
  • Power: PTO at 540rpm 68HP
  • Power: PTO at 1000rpm 78HP
  • Oil tank 80 ltr
  • Oil cooler
  • Quick coupling for attachments
  • Head float
  • Double rotation direction for attachments
  • Servo proportional control (4 levers)
  • Adjustable stands
  • Rear lights
  • Weight: 1,600Kg (M51) / 1,650Kg (M56) including Unibroyeur
    mowing head

Industrial specificationsSafety features improved


With 1.25m wide mowing headOptima 51 / M51Optima M56
A Max horizontal reach*5.14m5.61m
B Max vertical reach**6.57m7.03m
C Lower embankment reach5.23m5.71m
D Upper embankment reach3.00m3.52m
E Minimum lateral reach*1.75m1.85m
F Maximum over hedge reach4.42m4.65m
G Under-first arm clearance1.01m1.01m
Slew angle100°100°
Telescopic section length--
Head orientation angle230°230°
Overall transport height3.86m3.85m

* Measured from the tractor centre line
** May vary according to type of tractor

Flail Arm



  • Semi automatic hitch
  • Totally protected motor
  • Fast-fit, totally incorporated belt casing
  • Front hood reinforced with tube
  • Front hood with an angle for better penetration in the vegetation
  • 7 reinforced and removable flaps
  • Wearskids made from 50mm diameter bar
  • Rotor bearings fastened at 3 points with double contact surface
  • Stickers according to EC rules
  • Unibroyeur
  • The Unibroyeur is a versatile head for mowing and hedge-cutting.
Mowing Head - Unibroyeur
Unibroyeur 1250 with standard rotor (Fixaspeed)
Unibroyeur 1250 with Rolmax rotor

Forest Shredder, heavy duty bushcutter

  • Cutting width 1.25m
  • Tubular frame
  • New generation Rolmax rotor
  • Flails fitted in spiral layout
  • Cutting width 1.40m or 1.60m
  • Reinforced rotor bearings
Mowing Head - Forest-Broyeur
Forest-Broyeur head with Rolmax
Roller for Forest-Broyeur
Mowing Head - 12, 14 and 16 Max
Mowing head 1200 with standard rotor (Fixaspeed)
Mowing head 1200 with Rolmax rotor
Scrub-clearance work protection for mowing head 1200
Mowing Head 14 MAX (1.40m)
Mowing Head 16 MAX (1.60m)
Mowing Head 16 MAX (1.60m) for hedge cutting
Mowing Head - Forest-Broyeur
Forest-Broyeur head with Rolmax
Roller for Forest-Broyeur

Cutter bar specifications

Cutter Bar
Cutter Bar , cutting width 1.30m
Cutter Bar , cutting width 2.20m
Saw Blade unit, single blade 900mm ø
Saw Blade unit, 2 blades, 900mm ø
Saw Blade unit, 3 blades, 700mm ø
Saw Blade unit, 4 blades, 700mm ø
Saw Blade unit, 5 blades, 700mm ø
Adapting bracket to Noremat machines
Hydraulic connections, Noremat side arms
Set of 4 additional blades (700mm ø)
Set of 4 reinforced swinging blades plate

Ditch Cleaner, Additional Rotors

Ditch Cleaner
Additional Rotors with bearing
Standard rotor 1200 - flails 103059
Standard rotor 1200 - Fixaspeed flails 112706
Standard rotor 1250 - flails 103059
Standard rotor 1250 - Fixaspeed flails 112706
Rotor Rolmax 1250