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The Parkmaster range, with its full width front & rear rollers allied to the "Duplo" spreading blades, is ideal for large park areas and sports fields where a top quality rotary finish is required along with a good work rate.

These machines are fabricated from 5mm steel and have wooden boards to improve sound deadening in built-up areas. The gearbox and bearing housings are manufactured by Votex to exacting standards, and are of such design that the machines are the quietest available.

The bearings for the rollers are located inside a cast end cap sunken grease nipple in the end of the shaft. The rollers are of a large diameter (5") and thickness. Height adjustment is by altering the side skids, and by profiles into which the roller shafts fit.

The unique "Duplo Twin Cut" blades greatly enhance the spread of the cuttings to give an excellent finish, which soon becomes comparable to gang mowers, therefore the Parkmaster provides an ideal, cost effective alternative for local authorities, contractors and sports clubs.


  • Full length front and rear roller
  • Unique Votex designed and built spiral bevel gearbox
  • Strong Belt Drive to outer rotors
  • Adjustable taper bearings in hubs for long life
  • Low HP : Cutting width due to multi blades
  • Votex “Duplo twin cut” blades for finer finish
  • Roller bearings inside cast end cap for protection and long life


Model Cutting width Min HP Weight 
PM 1705' 7" (1-70 m)25 HP525 kg
PM 2207' 2" (2-20 m)30 HP595 kg
PM 2608' 6" (2-60 m)35 HP635 kg
PM 30010' 0" (3-00 m)40 HP685 kg


Park Master


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